Create example arrays in Javascript, Python and C#

Programming language:

How to use

Select a programming language and enter an integer into the size field (the higher the value, the longer it may take).

This tool will then generate an integer array with a length of your chosen size. This tool is a great way to create fake test data for use in unit tests, JSON files and mocks. You may also find it handy for mocking API responses.

Currently, the only data type supported is numbers/integers. In the future, we will add more data types like strings. If you select a typed language, such as C#, the array will be strongly typed as an array of integers.

Eventually, we may also add support for other kinds of arrays such as 2D arrays.

Note: Some languages, such as Python, do not have arrays. Instead, they use lists. Selecting Python will generate a list.

The result can then be copied to your clipboard using the copy button which will appear after the array has been generated. You can create as many arrays as you want. Enjoy!